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I Don’t Care How Well You Code, Understand Your Compensation

The scientists [and engineers] never make any money. They’re always deluded into thinking that they live in a just universe that will reward them for their work and for their inventions.” As I listened to Peter Thiel’s

The world has matured. It’s time to stop spoon feeding.

Y Combinator reignited the conversation about the role of accelerator programs after publishing some interesting findings about how applicants that have previously participated in another accelerator are less successful when applying to YC’s programs. Ten years in

What Drives Uber, Facebook, Amazon, and Quora’s Growth?

It’s a phenomenon called “network effects.” The main premise of it: a product or service, also known as the network, becomes increasingly valuable as more users join. A great and early example is the internet in its

 Jason Goldberg’s was valued at $1 billion before it collapsed. What can today’s startups learn from his failure?”

Jason says- I am sorry to our investors, our employees, and everyone involved with Fab. I failed and I take full responsibility for the failure. I am currently focusing all of my efforts towards rehabilitating my reputation

Keep healthy goals

All people with seizures and their families should know that the real goal of treating epilepsy is to stop seizures or control them as best as possible. But you are more than just a seizure and how

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Ear infection, cold, or chickenpox accompanied by fever.

A febrile seizure occurs when a child contracts an illness such as an ear infection, cold, orchickenpox accompanied by fever. Febrile seizures are the most common type of seizure seen in children. Two to five percent of