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Social Enterprises that are Improving the World

Some of the most innovative thinkers in the world are putting their skills to use, bringing improvements to people and places that desperately need it. So what exactly is a social enterprise? It’s simply an endeavor that

That awkward feeling between well and unwell

I cannot help but feel that what I am about to share is not something that I alone go through. I also cannot help but feel that many people who have never experienced a chronic illness, particularly

Top Tips To Beat The Trolls.

“We suck at dealing with trolls and abuse on the platform  and we’ve sucked at it for years,” wrote Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, in a memo which was leaked to the press in 2015  “It’s

Giovanna Noguera

There’s no question that Giovanna Noguera loves sports. “Ever since I was young, I played sports,” Noguera said. “I played soccer, basketball, softball. I wasn’t very good, but I played. I was also involved in a lot

Muhammed Ali’s daughter speaks about having a relative with a chronic illness.

He was nicknamed “The Greatest.” Muhammed Ali is regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century, and he had Parkinson’s. On Monday, Laila Ali, reflected on what it was like

A humanly note. Keep moving.

This letter is written for teenagers recently diagnosed and currently facing chronic illnesses such as Lupus or other autoimmune conditions. To The Teenager Recently Diagnosed With a Chronic Illness, I know it was quite a shock to

Rule of thumb : Stay Calm

What can trigger a lupus flare? Emotional stress, such as a divorce, death in the family, or other life complications, and anything that causes stress to the body, such as surgery, physical harm, pregnancy, or giving birth,